The story behind the Wholey Moly brand

Here at Wholey Moly, we’re all about the good vibes. But were also big believers in taking ownership of our frustrations. That bad juju isnt going away unless you do something about it – and believe it or not, great ideas can come out of lifes niggly bits. 

For us, the frustration was a simple one: why couldn’t we have a sweet treat that's good for us too?

Working in a corporate office, we were all too familiar with the cakes and cookies that were on offer in the break room. But those sugary short-term fixes only pick you up for a moment before dropping you back to zero. All we wanted was a healthy, sweet snack to enjoy with our afternoon cuppa.

To be honest, we were fed up with healthy meaning boring.

Thats when the lightbulb moment hit. The best way to feed our craving would be to make it ourselves. Wholey Moly was born.

healthy cookies

How do you make a healthy vegan cookie recipe?

Wholey Moly team:  We wanted to create a snack that truly lived up to its health claims. So, like a pair of mad scientists, we hit the kitchen and began our experiments. First came the nut and honey bars, then the flapjacks, and finally our wholesome, honest cookies. Ta daaa!

But before we had time to take our victory lap, we ran into a problem. Turn’s out, cutting out all of the junk that makes us feel rubbish – butter, refined sugars and other empty calories – leaves you with a rather crumbly cookie. We tweaked the recipe for two painstaking years to get to what it is today.

healthy cookies


Where does your name come from?


Wholey Moly team: Once we were happy with our positively moreish flavours and our 100% natural, plant-based and gluten-free recipe, all we needed was a logo that would pack a pint-sized punch.



healthy cookies uk

Coming up with a name was easy. “Holy moly!” was what our friends and family all shouted when they found out our downright delicious cookies were actually good for you.

By tweaking the spelling, we drove home the wholesome ingredients that make our cookies so great. That’s us, in a nutshell. But we’re not one to rest on our laurels...

What’s the story behind your packaging?

Wholey Moly team: Today, Wholey Moly has not one, not two, but three absolutely fab varieties in some super-slick packaging, if we do say so ourselves. But we felt we needed a spicy refresh to bring the cookies to life.

So we brought the party to our packaging. Our packs now embody the same ethos as the cookies themselves: simple, honest & fun.



healthy cookie

What makes your cookies so tasty?

Wholey Moly team: Our goal at Wholey Moly has always been to prove that healthy doesn’t have to be boring. You’ll be hard-pressed to find a cookie that ticks as many boxes as ours: not only are they vegan, high in fibre, and a source of protein, but they also contain as little as 5g of sugar (yep, really!). We’ve done the totting up, and that’s 50% less than your average healthy snack bar, if you didn’t know. 

healthy cookies UK

Our recipes are jam-packed with 100% natural ingredients. You’ll say hello to superfoods like cacao and hemp, plus energy-boosting seeds and nuts. So with each yummy bite, you’re gobbling up vitamins, minerals, healthy fats and antioxidants. It’s a win-win. 

But our cookies are more than their nutrition labels. Beyond our stellar cast of natural ingredients, we have a pretty simple mission: to create a great-tasting snack made by honest people. What more could you want?



Wholey Moly Team