Oats, Oats and more Oats...

A good bowl of hot oats is a delicious breakfast. We're not one to release secrets, but they're actually really good for you too! 

We've always looked at oats as the perfect canvas to add everything you love. Sure, they're great on their own, but nothing beats mixing and matching your favourite ingredients into one bowl of goodness. 

Now that we've just finished crumbling up our delicious cacao and hazelnut cookie over our fruity oats, we are raring to tell you some of the reasons why you should be adding oats to your own daily food schedule. 

1. Oats Are Good For Our Body

Oats contain a soluble fibre known as beta-glucans. Once eaten, this forms a gel solution in our stomachs. Sounds odd, right? But this gives us an increased feeling of fullness, reduces our blood sugar and helps reduce insulin spikes. 

So, we feel fuller for longer and support our body in the process. Oats also reduce our cholesterol levels, and may help protect against coronary heart disease, skin irritation and colon cancer! 

Say goodbye to mid-day crashes and vending machines.

2. Oats Are Overflowing With Nutrients

We have to give credit where it’s earned. Oats are packed full of nutrients like magnesium, zinc, copper, folate, manganese, phosphorus and iron, including vitamin B1 and B5. 

Oats outer layer is also rich in fibre. Great for a balanced diet but also great for helping relieve constipation. 

3. Oats Are Super Filling!

Oats are also among the most nutrient-dense foods, meaning you'll need to eat less to feel and remain full, making them perfect for weight-loss diets and for those cutting back on sugar.

Porridge (Oatmeal) is not only delicious, but the beta-glucan within oats may promote the release of peptide YY. This hormone has been shown to reduce calorie intake and can help reduce the risk of obesity. 

It's the oat base of our cookies that make them incredible for satisfying that craving without misbehaving! 

4. Oats Are Gluten-Free by Nature

We know first hand how difficult it can be to find high-quality, gluten-free ingredients. Oats play a significant role in making our cookies taste amazing while remaining gluten-free. 

Oats, by nature, are an excellent option for gluten-free diets and provide a blank canvas for us to create a scrummy dish. Despite being gluten-free, always check with manufacturers to ensure that their grains aren't potentially contaminated. 

5. Oats Can Be Whatever You Want Them to Be

We call oats delicious because we pair them with the ingredients we love. In truth, oats are pretty bland on their own, but we believe this is their superpower! 

Oats are more commonly paired with sweet-tasting fruit, cinnamon, Yoghurt, honey and syrup. These sweet-tasting foods can give us that extra kick in the morning without the guilt of snacking on sweet items. Oats provide a perfect way to get some of your 5 a day, but what if you want something savoury?

Remember, being a blank canvas is oats superpower! Instead, combine oats with veggies, leftovers, an egg, cheese or avocado and have a delish, savoury breakfast. 

Ready to give oats a try? Don't overthink it! We've tried oats with a tonne of different ingredients, and it's lovely, mostly. You'll soon find combinations that you enjoy and some that well...

Were worth trying, but you won't be revisiting. 

Like any baker or chef, experimentation is the key! Our latest Pistachio and Lemon cookie was a match made in heaven, complemented with its oaty base. We're sure you'll find a combination you'll absolutely love. 

We'd love to see what you combine with your oats! Tag us with #wholeymoly in photos of your oats!