Healthy snack ideas for kids

If you’re battling a mid-afternoon meltdown with your kids on a daily basis... well hello, pandemic parents! Don’t worry. Cards on the table? We’ve been there too.

So we know just how important it is for a child’s health and wellbeing to keep them full of the good stuff. Like it or not, junky snack food is just a quick fix (more on this here!). Sugar-packed biccies and cakes might give you a moment of calm when your kiddos need that 3pm boost, but before you can pour yourself a large glass of water and exhale one giant ‘ahhhh’ they’ll be tearing up a storm on the inevitable sugar high. And we definitely don’t want to be around when they face the sugar crash!

Low-sugar snack recipes

At Wholey Moly, we think the key is getting kids to eat right from an early age. And to be honest, there are loads of ways to sneak fun, healthy snacks for kids into your home.

For starters, why not whizz up your daily dose of veg in a tasty, child-friendly soup? Or slather them in yummy hummus. To get your sweet tooth fix, swap out salty crisps for nuts and dried fruits – they’re like little grenades of sweetness but without all the refined sugars. (Don’t know the difference between natural and refined sugar? We’ve got a handy guide for you right here

Another fast-track to treat town is a simple bowl of porridge jazzed up with healthy toppings, like a drizzle of honey and a crumbled up Wholey Moly cookie or two. Here’s a tip: try mixing an Almond Butter & Hemp cookie with a Cacao & Orange for a moreish zingy-crunchy twist. You can thank us later.

Our healthy cookies have as little as 4g of sugar (that’s 50% less than similar snacks), plus they’re 100% natural and high in fibre. We don’t mean to boast… but the numbers don’t lie! They’re pretty great.

And did we mention they make for a great healthy snack for kids’ lunch boxes?

Healthy snacks kids can make

And listen up parents on week 4,627 of the Covid-19 pandemic: they’re also perfect for helping you whip up easy, healthy snack recipes for kids. They’re so simple your kids can join in – double teaming snacktime and playtime is a great way to have some (slightly messy) fun and keep your kids smiling through yet another lockdown.

There are loads of kid-friendly baking recipes – we’re thinking flapjacks, banana pancakes or a healthy twist on a classic breakfast muffin. But the fabulous Sophie of @sophie_gluten_free has another sweet snack for kids in mind.

Get stuck in to this Cheeky Banoffee Pie, just in time for Valentine’s Day – and perfect for sharing with the kids! We’ll let Sophie take it from here...

Cheeky banoffee pie

This dessert is simple, and waistline friendly too! 

To make you will need:

  • x2 Wholey Moly Cacao & Hazelnut cookies crushed (38g each)
  • 15g low fat butter
  • 127g greek yogurt
  • 1tsp caramel flavoured syrup
  • 21g banana
  • 4g chocolate baking drops
  • 1tsp condensed milk
  • Freeze dried strawberries 


  1. Melt the butter for 10 seconds in the microwave.
  2. Crush your two cookies and pour in the butter and stir until all the biscuit is coated.
  3. Spoon your biscuit into a dish and press down.
  4. Mix your greek yogurt, caramel syrup until well combined and top the biscuit base evenly.
  5. Slice some bananas and place on top.
  6. Optional: add chocolate pieces, freeze dried strawberries and drizzle over some condensed milk.
  7. Place in the fridge for 15 minutes to set.
  8. Then enjoy!

 Enjoy it and share with us using #wholeyhelathyideas