Healthy snack ideas to beat the 3pm slump

We’ve all been there: you’re tapping away at your keyboard, tying up loose ends on a big project. Suddenly, the clock strikes 3pm, and bam! Your energy fizzles out with one big yaaaawn. You might even find yourself daydreaming about the secret stash of sugary snacks hiding in the kitchen…

The 3pm slump is no magic trick – but don’t take our word for it. Clever clogs scientists have come up with stacks of research showing that it’s all a simple matter of chemistry.

Indulging in a lunch that’s chockablock with refined carbs and processed, starchy foods – think that extra portion of chips or nutrient-stripped white bread – is a surefire way to send your blood sugar through the roof, leaving you feeling sluggish and stuffed.

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And did you know that the more you eat, the more energy you spend digesting your meal? So chowing down on that sarnie the size of your head will send your tank to E in no time.

Nomming on nutritious foods and drinking plenty of water is essential for keeping those crucial energy levels up – but so is sleep. Whether you’ve stayed up into the wee hours thinking about an important work presentation or binge-watching the latest Netflix hit, there’s no doubt you’ll feel knackered the next day. But lack of sleep will also send the hormones that regulate hunger into a tizz, leaving you craving the sweet stuff.

Even if you’re getting a solid seven hours in dreamland each night, it’s totally natural to feel your energy whoosh away in the afternoon. That’s because most of us have a natural dip in energy between 1pm-3pm.

So what’s the solution? How can you beat the energy slump without falling into the trap of short-lived sugary snacks?

(Hint: it involves some awesome, wholesome cookies!)

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How healthy snacks can help

Put away that sugary donut and banish your snack-time woes with a special treat that’s as delicious as it is nutritious. At Wholey Moly, we’re no stranger to the mid-afternoon munchies – and we don’t think that you should ignore that rumble in your tummy. That’s why our range of quick, vegan snacks are loaded up with zingy flavours and wholesome ingredients, with none of the nasties of your bog-standard snacks. The best bit? Our no-added-sugar snacks also mean no horrible sugar crash.

Choosing easy, healthy snacks for work is the best way to banish your hunger – and make your productivity levels soar. The key is in the ingredients. Look out for oats, which is one of our favourite ways to keep you buzzing until it’s time for tea.

healthy snacks

How?! We’re glad you asked. This heavyweight of an ingredient is a fab source of energy. As a complex carb, and one of the most nutrient dense foods of all time (yes, you heard that right), it’ll keep you fuller for longer by releasing energy slowly over the course of the day.

We know that your time is precious. Not to worry. If you didn’t have the time to scratch-cook a brilliant, nutritious lunch, then we’re here for you. There’s no shame in topping up your cravings with a cheeky 3pm snack – in fact, as long as you stick to honest, natural ingredients, a quick, healthy snack is one of the best ways to hack your biological clock and boost your energy levels.

So go on, treat yourself.

Looking for more ways to tackle
the 3pm slump?

We’ve got you covered – here are three brilliant ways to add some extra oomph to your afternoon:


Cacao & hazelnut healthy cookie

1. Take a break

When you’re stuck in a rut at your desk and craving a treat to go with your afternoon cuppa just for something to do, it’s time to get away from your screen. Instead of working through the slog, take a 15-minute stroll to energise your body and clear your mind. A trip to the kettle for a cuppa with one of our cacao and orange cookies wouldn’t go amiss, either! Now, say it with us: “Aaaahhh…”


2. Get the blooding pumping

It’s true: a boost of physical activity can be more beneficial for jolting your energy levels up than caffeine. Whether you’re walking over to a colleague’s desk or taking a short jaunt outdoors to get away from your WFH set-up, raising your heart rate and moving around is a great way to quit your chocky habit.

Here’s a challenge: how many Wholey Moly cookies can you deliver to other friends and colleagues in need of an afternoon boost on your break? Take the stairs and feel the burn!

3. Turn up the music

Think about your daily workout – would it be the same without the up-tempo music pumping through your headphones? We think not. Music has a way of boosting our heart rates and filling us with energy, which can significantly improve concentration levels. So grab your cookies and set up a mood-boosting playlist so you’re ready when the 3pm slump hits.

Then, all you need to do is press play to have your own personal dance party. You’ll be air-guitaring your way out of your post-lunch lull. Don’t say we didn’t warn you!


Wholey Moly team