Earth Day 2021

Earth Day 2021: what it is, and 10 ways to get involved

We know that like us, our cookie monsters are always searching for ways to be kinder to the planet. And what better time to start a new eco journey than Earth Day?

That’s why we’ve gathered up some fantastic ways to take part. Go on – take a look at the list below and let us know how you’re greenifying your life this year. You can even tag us with #WholeySustainable – we’d love to see how you’re celebrating!

What is Earth Day?

Earth Day has been held on 22nd April since way back in 1970 as a way to spread the word about climate change and get people raring to go to protect the future of the planet. Although it started as an American holiday, the event has gone global now – because who are we to argue with a day that celebrates all things good and sustainable?

Past Earth Days have kicked off important green movements, like the Paris Agreement, which was signed by around 120 countries who promised to take action on climate change on Earth Day 2016. Impressive, right? Each year shines a spotlight on a different topic, from breaking up with plastics to tree planting and eco energy to protecting water.

Last year because of Covid-19 big, in-person events were cancelled, but more than 100 million people still took action across 192 countries, celebrating Earth Day’s 50th anniversary. It took the title of the largest online mass mobilisation in history, and we think that’s pretty cool.

One Use Plastic

How can you get involved?

Covid-19 is still throwing our lives off kilter so you probably won’t be able to join any big climate marches this year – but you can still take action in your own life or join small, community events. Check the official Earth Day map of events to find one close to you.

Here are 10 more ways you can celebrate Earth Day your own way...

1. Plant a tree

It’s a classic Earth Day activity, and for good reason! Trees support loads of wildlife, from little creepy crawlies to birds. Plus, they store carbon nasties so they aren’t released into the atmosphere. For bonus points, plant one with berries that birds love, like a Rowan, and flowers for bees, butterflies, and moths.

2. Grow your own food

It’s spring now, and that means it’s the perfect time to appreciate the amazing magic of seeds. Growing your own fruit, veg and herbs will cut your food travel miles, help you save a bit of dosh, and give you a new hobby that gets you outside and in the sun (fingers crossed!).

3. Have a zero food waste day

Always think twice before tossing something in the bin – usually you can find another use for food scraps in the kitchen. Otherwise, compost it up! Here’s some advice from the RHS for creating your very own compost heap.

4. Have a zero plastic waste day

Plastic bottles have endless uses in the garden or the home, so stop throwing them out and get creative instead. If you, like us, have already been hoarding all of your plastic bottles under the sink, use this day to find uses for all of them!

5. Go vegan for a week

(Or flexitarian… baby steps!) Eating a vegan diet has a huge impact on your carbon footprint and your health. Plus, these days you can find so many tasty vegan snacks, like *cough cough* cookies, anyone?

Go vegan

 6. Get a bike

Ditch your car and walk or cycle instead. Mini workout plus zero impact on climate change? Yes, please!

 7. Buy second hand

Say no to fast fashion. The fashion industry has a massive carbon footprint, so try visiting charity shops and buying second hand instead. Or better yet, learn to make and repair your own clothes.

 8. Bring the outdoors in

House plants help purify the air, they look great, and studies say they enhance our ability to focus, so they’re perfect for the home office. Win, win and win!

 9. Rethink your energy use

Can you sign up to a greener energy tariff, install your own solar panels or simply use less energy by turning your thermostat down a couple of degrees? Stop putting it off – look into your energy this Earth Day.

10. Switch to refillables

Refillables are everywhere today – from skincare and makeup to food and drink. Why not see if you can have your milk delivered by your local dairy, or sign up to a local veg box scheme to reduce the plastic you go through?

Let’s all try to make 2021 our most sustainable year yet!